Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blessed to meet the Royal Couple

Many of us were very upset that we couldn’t be a part of the royal wedding, never knew that god will listen to this yearning heart but he did listen to the prayers and we got lucky yesterday (26th Oct. 2011). The royal couple is in Delhi and will be leaving to Rajasthan in few days but in mean time they granted us an audience. I am very much sure that the entire Bhutanese student studying in Delhi must have been on the top of the world when they heard this exciting news.

Well after being aware of the happening news, preparation was already begun among ourselves. Everyone was excited and filled with enthusiasm, and of course who wouldn’t be? It is the most precious life time opportunity.

Everyone dressed in formals as to pay homage and be as presentable as possible. Our excitement reached its peak we just couldn’t wait so we left for embassy very early and I was very much pleased to see many Bhutanese gathered there. Everyone was talking about the royal couple and how excited they were, with the smile and joy in their faces, showing their excitement. Even the birds were flocking around out of excitement and singing in joy.

As our eagerness met with the royal couple, flowers bloomed in my heart thinking how lucky and blessed we are. His Majesty introduced the queen with a kiss assuring a complete love and adoration, and we were very privileged to see this magical moment. It was completely out of this world, and no words can describe the feeling. Seen many but never seen like them, and they are the jewels that glitters brighter than anything. They are the best couple ever in this world, “the kind and the beauty”.

Everybody were feeling nervous and were in deep awe as King started to address us, I was having butterflies in my stomach too but our benign King made the scenario very cozy and comfortable, and after all he is people’s King. He gave us the precious advice amending us the importance of values, skills, wisdom, and experience and made us remember what we are and the purpose of being in India. All in all he summed up his golden words with a statement,” Please remember that you all are Bhutanese studying in India, you are representing Bhutan”. Everyone was moved with this statement, and very much true we are indeed a glimpse of our nation.

It was one of the awesome days in my life, never thought that we will get this kind of opportunity, I am sure I must have done something good in my previous life that I was blessed yesterday. We promise to be best we can and serve in future with utmost loyalty and be abided by the Driglam Namzha.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We may have heard people often talking about life and trying to explain its meaning through self experience and knowledge and trying to be reasonable enough of being alive. But have you ever sat down scratching your chin with eyes glaring at the ceiling and wondered what life is?

For a naive person like me to be really sure of life and argue on that will be an oblivious of my stupidity and unethical. For life isn’t a mathematical equation where there is an solution to that, nor it is a piece of cake that can be eaten, it is rather a very phenomenal and hierarchy of individual inter relation and reactions where certain things are never accounted and never acknowledge.

For me I think life is a journey where everyone is the passenger and the fate is the driver, where different people are dropped at different stations. It is a journey where people are always compelled to prove themselves with uncertain eventualities and consequences, not just as a self satisfaction but as a responsibility not condemn but important, for one's well-being and others. On the other hand success has been world wide hunted; people are trying to be the best and of course in this present particular juncture everyone has to be capable with all the attributes.

While so running after success isn’t undemanding job or a happy journey. Some crawl in the dark and some fight in the rain of shadows but very few tends to see the light at the end of tunnels and that proves to be the man who is determined and looked upon. But is success really that one out of all? Is there more paramount than success, is it worth of living for success? Well everyone must have something to be reasonable about this and bargain with own comprehension.

“Try not to be a man of success but try to become a man of value”, as Albert Einstein has rightly quoted. The true virtue and moral ethic is much greater than the success, we have almost forgot the real reason of life. We tend to deviate so much that we become someone undesired and nothing really matters whether you are a successful man or not but what really matters is our values and correct attributes along with humanity rather than vanity. Fame vaporizes, money goes with the wind, and all that is left is our character, which is the permanent and more of all I think is true verdict for mankind. More of I think a man of value is a man of real success, no bargaining about this because if one thinks right it’s obvious of good result.

When you wake up you hardly remember the dream you saw last night and some wonder whole day trying to figure it out, life is just like a dream. So we got to make something worth while in short stay in this world and we should stop dreaming about some magical rose garden over the horizon, instead we should enjoy the roses that are blooming outside our windows.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I lay here under the sky with no star to twinkle,
Stray thoughts flowed with no say of meaning.
I still gazed but the sky didn’t wrinkle,
And my eyes were left hours in its yearning.

 I wonder where you went that night,
At least you could have said me goodbye.
With you not here it wither my delight,
My heart shivers, as you left me to cry.

Often, I said words you may never hear,
Will now remain as a secret for it is banished,
But I will wait here with reasons to bear,
Come soon, as I long for answers to be unleashed.

Strange I feel you chose this way,
Strange I feel you forgot all the happy days,
Feel that the guilt is in me so I lay,
Drenched in tears in the sea of dismay

Pour me some sweet mercy for I am thirsty,
Wounded deep inside, I sigh for medication,
For I am imbalance so is my soul drifty,
And there lays my body left with no emotion.

Often I shout your name in my dreams,
Often have to stay awake in pain
Used to laugh but now I scream,
Only making my emotions maim.

My soul sore as the heart beat is ceased,
Wondered for your eye to share a tear,
For the last time, hold me please!
But lay my numb body with no earth to bear.

My soul feels the warmth as the wind blew,
Looked back at my body with final goodbye,
With the clouds I sailed, with the birds I flew,
But still see no sign of the star in the sky.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Just to know that water is hard sometimes....

Where am I? What is this place? How did I reach here? So many questions left unanswered, I was in state of total addlement. I heard a sound from the bushes behind; I turned immediately just to break my anxiety, there was nothing. I was really in thick soup, knowing nothing about the place, wondered around with an unclear mind.

Hours passed walking around; my tongue was desert dry and I was badly in need of a taste of water. I continued my quest in pursuit of water, to quench my burning tongue.

Many hours passed lurking in amidst of disgust. Poked nose at every nook and corners but the effort met with dismay, there was no sign of water, and my hope was between an evil and a cliff. 

I didn’t move for while and tried to avert my every strength and moisture in body possible. At times I lost myself in discouragement but didn’t lose my faith and still had urged to survive, being a human who doesn’t want to live!?

By the time my angst has reached its highest peak, I reached to a place where I saw many birds flocking around a place behind a large bush. This scenario replenished my hope and happiness like waterfall cascaded over me, and I took a long gasp to compensate my hours of discouragement.

I quickly rushed through the bushes but with painstaking not to disturb them, just to show an utter gratitude for their help. I was very pleased to see a small lake with many brooks which joined the lake with little shook. I stood there under the shadow by the trees, came the gentle breeze above me and whistled with the leaves. Hence the birds flew after quenching their thirst, and vanished in the blue azure.

Lying there in the warmth of nature, I almost forgot how thirsty I was, and the heat was killing me. So I went down the lake side, and after having some clear look at the water, I jumped into it. To my amazement I hit to something very hard; in that little moment, I was confused what could hit me? There were no rocks when I looked into it; a second later I found myself kissing the hard cemented floor of my room…..I was dreaming! What silly of me!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

MOTHER- a universe to living legend.

In the ocean of people it was hard for god to reach everywhere and whenever he was needed. So as a pill for that pain, he made mother, an angel second to none and a savior of many people we know, as of now and we will know in the near coming future.

 Love and care is something, we can never measure even with the advancement of science and technologies but we know deep inside our heart that mothers love and care for their children more than anything in this mortal world even to their life. We can’t thank god enough for blessing us with so affectionate and priceless gift called mother.

They are the one who took great care of us, carried us in their womb with much love and affections for nine months. It is said that,” a human body can bear only up to 45 Del (unit) of pain. But at the time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 Del. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time.” We can imagine how much of pain mothers feel just to give birth to us, it is like a debt we can never pay even we get profoundly rich.

They are always with us, as sun in the day, as moon and stars in the night, shining and glistering, brightening our life with hope. They are always with us providing a helping hand making possible for us to glyptic our future into the one we will rejoice later on.
They always loved us and they will always love us, their love is the immortal candle which will never flicker even in the tyrant gust.

I believe that love is blind,” my mother started loving me before she saw my face”. One of the best message I have ever read, “I believe in love at first sight because I have been loving my mother since I opened my eyes.”  

At times I can lay my heart for you, seen so many but never seen like you, for you I breathe, and so for you shall my heart beat cease. You are my trust worthy friend and I confide into you, for you my angel, my love for you shall never congeal. I pray mighty god for your well-being and I wish smile never vacate from your face and ease your loving heart with all the happiness in the universe.

I want to apologize if I have done anything wrong that hurts you, it was obvious stupid of me, but I know you will forgive me and I pray everyone to refrain from doing horrible unjust to mothers. Remember mothers are living angels, who cook for us, sing for us, care for us and who pray for us- cos they are our universe, our living legend.


Spread your wings, fly in the blue sky
Or kiss your life and say the world good bye
Take your time or you never get the chance
Listen to beat and just do the dance
Spin to the left and spin to the right
Just do the same every day and night
Gotta find a reason in the deep darkness
And live the life with all the happiness
Challenge everywhere got to be ready
Hold your ground and try to be steady
It is total race gotta keep the pace
Unaware sometimes it will smack your face

Stop counting days and be confident
Go to the places that we never went
Perfect is nothing world has flaws
Don’t fear the world nobody has claws
Feel the rain and jump if you are bore
Touch the beauty and ask for more

There is no need to cry over your fate
Start a new life that is what it takes
Fight the world for the fight for right
Nothing is wrong, if you fight for right
Give the answer if they need for real
Say the things that what you feel
Don’t do things that will make you cry
Truth for the truth and lie for the lie
Change the plans and say the name
Make a plan and play the game
Do the things but don’t hurt yourself
When it goes wrong don’t kill yourself
See the world in a different way
What it is no one can say 

Thugs everywhere better prepare
Best to start fast, you better be aware
Time is rolling, rolling over time
Drink the beer with little bit of lime
Think it real and make it real
Feel the feel and seal the feel

Burn the pain and burn the past
Stand on the feet or be the last
Life is numbered like the pages in the book
Wake up fast with little bit of shook
Waste the time you waste the life
Kiss the death and kick the life
Do nothing and regret all the time
Or do mistake and learn all the time
Look above and see the sky
Look at bird and learn to fly
Get the power with little bit of pray
Wish for the real for all coming days.......


As the rain from the heaven falls gently on my cheek, my heart mystifies into the love and care of you. The warmth of my body cherishes my soul emitting a hope to face the eventual world around us, and reminded me that you are still breathing with me.

Nothing really matter when I put you in front, happiness was always a part with you. Things really seem strange with much unknown objections, still not yet clear and digesting but with you by my side, spell broke and everything seemed normal.

Though the calendar on the wall is different, nothing really changed, just the rain falls from my eyes now.

Never asked for the help but you were always behind me to support me, beside me to walk with me as I face the world, and in front me to lead me to the right path. Now! Who is there to laugh with as a friend and confide into.

You helped me framed my life and I can’t even thank you, you are gone so far away from me into unreachable dimension. That night I was restless, my heart was cryptically worried and took no time to break the silence. I picked up the phone which I wished I had never picked and heard about the misery. My heart shattered into pieces, it was raining that night (it had to be, in order to create the gloomiest atmosphere ever), shattered with dismay, and my heart crawled onto the broken glass leaving it in total disgust.

I still hear your whisper when the gentle breeze of night blows against my face, whistling the melodies of yours, and my heart ease with delight. Yet the distance, yet no difference, my heart is ever green for you and I know, so was yours.  

Life seems to promise eventualities that prove to be unjust and we are amidst by it. Swallowing the truth of life-  I still believe angels do come in our life.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Into Blogging

This is not a daily doing of me, I am not familiar to this but I shall seek the best in this and try to learn something out of it. I pray best for it and lets see where this journey of hope will lead me to. 
Today I sleep under this dark sky, tomorrow I shall wake up with the morning sun cherishing that god has given me another day to live and correct myself.

"I will try to share droplets of information through my own small means and any other possible ways.
therefore I would like to pay my homage to all the people who are into blogging .. thank you"