Friday, November 18, 2011

May his soul rest in peace

Late Mr. S.K. Rai,

We may have encountered or heard of many great people, so did I, I am blessed to be lucky enough to share the moments in this life. Toady I would like to pay my homage with deep integrity, to our late sir S.K. Rai who passed away on 28th January 2009, and pen down my emotions and sentiments in devotion of his remembrance. He was not just a best teacher but a caring father, a loving husband and a perfect human being, second to none.

Time passes with every tick tock of the clock, yet the wound inside my heart is fresh and deep, still bringing tears yearning for the moments to come back.

The last picnic with his family.
I can never forget the date (28th Jan. 2009) in my life that turned my heart into brittle. The night before I was feeling quite anxiety and my sleep was delayed for I was having butterflies in my stomach as our class 12 BBE result was going to be out the very next day but I never knew until the next day that my anxiety will meet the worst nightmare. I was stunned and numb for some time as the cold news pierced deep inside making me maim of all feelings and senses. Our favorite and one of the most respected teacher sir S.K. Rai has passed away during the picnic with his family. The last picnic that will never be forgotten, who would have thought that the day which began with much joy would end like this?

I was drenched in woe; I couldn’t eat properly that day. Tears rolled down from my heart never gesturing to stop as I foreshadowed the memories. I still feel he is with us, smiling and gazing upon us.

We awe him a lot, we are very grateful for everything sir has done to us. The fruit we enjoy today is from the plant sir has helped us to nurture.  Our love and respect for him will never be in dearth. I wish I could turn the hands of time and turn the barren land into green field once again.

Why do all good people have to leave the world so early? The bitter truth of life it is, every one has to kiss the death one day or other, and no one can help it. The uncertainty of life ripped the sky apart and brought the bitter rain. I dwell here like a toddler, helpless but I pray with all might, may his soul to reside in heaven with evergreen peace and almighty to bless his family.

He will always be remembered and missed…..We all loved him a lot but god loved him more…..may his soul rest in peace…

One of my class mate and his student, Kezang Deki shares her gratitude and emotions captured in this beautiful poem....

To sir with love (Dedicated to late sir S.K.Rai)

Dank and oppressive is the darkness,
The world is petrified; the night is full of stillness,
Sinister silence rules the hours of night,
The celestial bodies conceal in the gloomy sky with plight.

I am left shattered in the moment of dark,
So brief! Your presence seemed only like a spark,
If only you would return to wipe my tears,
For I make the most earnest of prayers.

My soul bleeds and out the tear drains,
Thy absence makes my soul and body maim,
What thou among the years have never known,
Is my love and gratitude but now I mourned.

A glimpse of that world when you were there
Fades far away, dissolves and disappears clear,
Never knew that I have to see this day,
For thine absence my heart is never at gay.

Death has come with suffering, without pain,
Like a mystery without evidence to be lain,
With broken heart, I stand in sheer obscurity,
And purity,” may you enter the heaven of serenity"

Kezang Deki
XII sci (2009)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wishes from my heart....


In this very auspicious day let us gather our souls and join our both hands making one and pray for our vigilant and kind hearted, Druk Gyalpo  Jigme Singye Wangchuck  very prosperous and long life and make this unique date(11-11-11) a memorable one.

At the age of 17, His Majesty shouldered the fragile country,
Under him the sun shined with never diminishing light,
Of peace and developments with secured boundary,
And we stand here with immense gratitude and delight.

A true hero bounded by empowering personality,
Great is his deeds and kind is the heart,
Brought the country into evergreen serenity,
And our love and our gratitude shall never be in dearth.
Keen my mind I lay my soul,
Under your undying humbleness and guidance,
I pray with my heart for peace to dwell your soul,
With great health and happiness to embrace,

We wish your Majesty prosperous long life,
With utmost joy and loyalty,
We seek to remain your subjects for all coming lives,
In the country cherished with sustainable tranquility.

Cheerful my heart, beats with immense energy,
As the happiness overwhelms every heart of the nation,
On this auspicious day I salute with integrity,
And pray for the peace to prevail for generations.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just call for me..

Please don’t cry, the rain has gone
Sun will make us dry, don feel alone
Why r u so scared, every thing is fine
U will be cared, just see the sign
Why you are so sad, never feel alone
Don’t be mad, bad times are long gone
Don’t worry the cold, jus close your eyes
Though I am not bold, for you i can even melt the ice
I will hold the time, you just need to see
Make everything fine, you just call for me
I will make everything fine, you just call for me

World is full of surprises, brightens as the sun rises
Life plays its role, which remains in our soul
Season changes fast, nothing remains same
Don worry coz, i will be the same
As trees shed their leaf, my heart cries in grief
The sunlight seems fading, the darkness seems never ending
Why are hurting yourself, let me take you to my place
Let me make you save, bring smile in you pretty face
I will hold the time, you just need to see
Make everything fine, you just call for me
I will make everything fine, you just call for me

I will make your day, everything is fine
Whatever you say, I want to be your lifeline
Whenever you feel bore, I will entertain you
I will love you more, always be there for you
When the world tumbles down, and everything turns dark
I will always be around, we will built the happy ark
I will shine for you, still bring smile on your pretty face
Just give me clue, i will make happy place
I will hold the time you just need to see
Make everything fine, you just call for me
I will make everything fine you just call for me

All left is memories....a part from my amatuer rap song...

You can see my face, as I can see yours
Girl come to me and we could talk for hours
Be the world that will never change
Be beside me as my life needs rearrange
We can do things that we never did
Let’s spend our life doing crazy shits
Fly above and kiss the blue sky
Lets never see back past and say goodbye
Lift the spirit as we walk together
We can swim the ocean and stay young forever
You be the one for me and i can be yours
Girl wait for me so that i can give you flowers
Face the world together, happy place together
Living in dreams which is much better
I will say goodbye never ever forever
And I will always love forever and ever and ever
I still remember the nights we often sing
With the memories I am here lying
Under the sky so wide and silent
Only the struggling heart left to repent
Now you are taken away from me
I pray to god just for glance to see
You’re smiling face in the happy place
Now I cherish remembering all those happy days………..

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A thing to Think upon

Being a human we all have our own personality, and way of seeing things. We are driven and shaped in kind of society we live in and how we are brought up and it also depends on the mentality we develop over the time through various phenomena. Yet we do have some artistic ability deep rooted in one’s mind of having our own notion about something be it small or big but still debatable because we tend to do it without really having a bigger picture or being familiar with it.

Human nature it is then we are implied to and are confronted as life goes on. It is something we don’t really tend to notice or our ignorance has shadowed it.

We may have often noticed among ourselves commenting or judging others without really knowing them closely. I too do sometimes and I feel it to be something I should do away and look under the surface also. Actually we all should do that. Even if somebody is refusing to accept the fact we should not jump to conclusion saying him or her to be false, rather we should understand them first and make them clear, helping them understand. In that way a harmony can be developed without any complications.

Giving a pseudo statements and promises is one of the worst acts against humanity, it can mislead a person wasting energy and most importantly time. We can only know the affect if we are the victim. It really does not matter what the degree the situation is but what really matter is what we are and impart in that particular time and space. Because once the trust is broken it is really hard to have the same intensity of faith and trust. “One who does not take small things seriously can’t be trusted in big things either”, as Albert Einstein has rightly quoted, so small things should not be ignored.

“The ugliness we see in others is the reflection of our own nature”, others just acts like a mirror where our true nature is reflected. When we tend to judge somebody or something we forget to appreciate them and land up of the notion which can be precarious for our morals if we move on like this.

Some may find it very funny, some may find weightless, some may even find it negligible, but one thing we should know that small things make bigger things and daily activities be it professional or social shapes us and our nature as a human being.

I think the charity should begin at home, if one wants to change the world; one should change himself/herself first.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trying to sing in pain...

Under the sun many sweats dropped,
A bit of conspiracy for a body thousand chopped,
Eyes drop to close for the yearn of nap,
Wicked from bitterness, still it tries filling the gap.

So many nights with the stars stayed awake,
Putting thoughts and effort into work,
Killing every ounce of energy in the body,
And the same song all night as a company,

Rolling and rushing over the huddles,
Trying to move forward, pushing harsh paddles,
Riding on a triangular wheel, writing with invisible ink,
Destiny seems glimmering at the brink,

Diligence seems bit sugarless indeed,
Demands every essence in need,
Punctual always on the top utter,
Then comes the bread and the butter,

Dwelling just as a toddling cocoon,
Soon to be hatched with adorable wings,
Abiding all the attributes with boon,
Ready to face the uncertain kinks,

But still then many stars need to explore,
Still many wounds to be sore,
Winding in the circle of toils,
But shall harmonize with hoping rejoice,

Many things left unturned,
Still despair should remain out of mind,
Should feel free without any angst,
But allied with a sense of responsibility,

World can slow down or it can hop,
But time shall never gesture to stop,
What we have now will not be rewarded again,
But still we will try to sing in the pain.