Sunday, October 16, 2011


Spread your wings, fly in the blue sky
Or kiss your life and say the world good bye
Take your time or you never get the chance
Listen to beat and just do the dance
Spin to the left and spin to the right
Just do the same every day and night
Gotta find a reason in the deep darkness
And live the life with all the happiness
Challenge everywhere got to be ready
Hold your ground and try to be steady
It is total race gotta keep the pace
Unaware sometimes it will smack your face

Stop counting days and be confident
Go to the places that we never went
Perfect is nothing world has flaws
Don’t fear the world nobody has claws
Feel the rain and jump if you are bore
Touch the beauty and ask for more

There is no need to cry over your fate
Start a new life that is what it takes
Fight the world for the fight for right
Nothing is wrong, if you fight for right
Give the answer if they need for real
Say the things that what you feel
Don’t do things that will make you cry
Truth for the truth and lie for the lie
Change the plans and say the name
Make a plan and play the game
Do the things but don’t hurt yourself
When it goes wrong don’t kill yourself
See the world in a different way
What it is no one can say 

Thugs everywhere better prepare
Best to start fast, you better be aware
Time is rolling, rolling over time
Drink the beer with little bit of lime
Think it real and make it real
Feel the feel and seal the feel

Burn the pain and burn the past
Stand on the feet or be the last
Life is numbered like the pages in the book
Wake up fast with little bit of shook
Waste the time you waste the life
Kiss the death and kick the life
Do nothing and regret all the time
Or do mistake and learn all the time
Look above and see the sky
Look at bird and learn to fly
Get the power with little bit of pray
Wish for the real for all coming days.......

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  1. A miscellanea of thoughts and experiences..
    this rap is a pro..

    instigating, everlasting, leading to introspection!

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