Monday, October 17, 2011

Just to know that water is hard sometimes....

Where am I? What is this place? How did I reach here? So many questions left unanswered, I was in state of total addlement. I heard a sound from the bushes behind; I turned immediately just to break my anxiety, there was nothing. I was really in thick soup, knowing nothing about the place, wondered around with an unclear mind.

Hours passed walking around; my tongue was desert dry and I was badly in need of a taste of water. I continued my quest in pursuit of water, to quench my burning tongue.

Many hours passed lurking in amidst of disgust. Poked nose at every nook and corners but the effort met with dismay, there was no sign of water, and my hope was between an evil and a cliff. 

I didn’t move for while and tried to avert my every strength and moisture in body possible. At times I lost myself in discouragement but didn’t lose my faith and still had urged to survive, being a human who doesn’t want to live!?

By the time my angst has reached its highest peak, I reached to a place where I saw many birds flocking around a place behind a large bush. This scenario replenished my hope and happiness like waterfall cascaded over me, and I took a long gasp to compensate my hours of discouragement.

I quickly rushed through the bushes but with painstaking not to disturb them, just to show an utter gratitude for their help. I was very pleased to see a small lake with many brooks which joined the lake with little shook. I stood there under the shadow by the trees, came the gentle breeze above me and whistled with the leaves. Hence the birds flew after quenching their thirst, and vanished in the blue azure.

Lying there in the warmth of nature, I almost forgot how thirsty I was, and the heat was killing me. So I went down the lake side, and after having some clear look at the water, I jumped into it. To my amazement I hit to something very hard; in that little moment, I was confused what could hit me? There were no rocks when I looked into it; a second later I found myself kissing the hard cemented floor of my room…..I was dreaming! What silly of me!

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