Saturday, December 10, 2011

Doors of choices

When you were young, you used to swing with joy
Now you are old, you make that noise hesitating to open
Feels the time has passed fast leaving back only trails.
I have passed through you my life
Through you I have grown
Often I wonder what spread that glimpse of light
As I push you, I see wonders,
Having its own place to hold,
Some fading, some shining,
Some silver and some gold
I see you everywhere,
All the places, here and there.
Two different world rest at your feet,
It is at you, where they meet.
Still the choice remains ours

Some mistakes committed still affects,
But there is no more waiting.
Wash away the despair,
And walk towards the light
No more reminiscing now
Need to fight the battle somehow,
Keep no place for confession
So many doors of choices,
Come on make up the mind and,
Make the right choice.

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