Sunday, October 16, 2011

MOTHER- a universe to living legend.

In the ocean of people it was hard for god to reach everywhere and whenever he was needed. So as a pill for that pain, he made mother, an angel second to none and a savior of many people we know, as of now and we will know in the near coming future.

 Love and care is something, we can never measure even with the advancement of science and technologies but we know deep inside our heart that mothers love and care for their children more than anything in this mortal world even to their life. We can’t thank god enough for blessing us with so affectionate and priceless gift called mother.

They are the one who took great care of us, carried us in their womb with much love and affections for nine months. It is said that,” a human body can bear only up to 45 Del (unit) of pain. But at the time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 Del. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time.” We can imagine how much of pain mothers feel just to give birth to us, it is like a debt we can never pay even we get profoundly rich.

They are always with us, as sun in the day, as moon and stars in the night, shining and glistering, brightening our life with hope. They are always with us providing a helping hand making possible for us to glyptic our future into the one we will rejoice later on.
They always loved us and they will always love us, their love is the immortal candle which will never flicker even in the tyrant gust.

I believe that love is blind,” my mother started loving me before she saw my face”. One of the best message I have ever read, “I believe in love at first sight because I have been loving my mother since I opened my eyes.”  

At times I can lay my heart for you, seen so many but never seen like you, for you I breathe, and so for you shall my heart beat cease. You are my trust worthy friend and I confide into you, for you my angel, my love for you shall never congeal. I pray mighty god for your well-being and I wish smile never vacate from your face and ease your loving heart with all the happiness in the universe.

I want to apologize if I have done anything wrong that hurts you, it was obvious stupid of me, but I know you will forgive me and I pray everyone to refrain from doing horrible unjust to mothers. Remember mothers are living angels, who cook for us, sing for us, care for us and who pray for us- cos they are our universe, our living legend.


  1. Ya, mother is the best creation we know on the earth. All of us got a beautiful mother. Wishing no wrong come to us.

    A nice post!

  2. A nice post Pema. Yeah, you are right. They are really great human beings in everybody's life. Keep posting!

  3. thank you all for the likes....ya they are really great human being....surely i try to keep posting..