Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We may have heard people often talking about life and trying to explain its meaning through self experience and knowledge and trying to be reasonable enough of being alive. But have you ever sat down scratching your chin with eyes glaring at the ceiling and wondered what life is?

For a naive person like me to be really sure of life and argue on that will be an oblivious of my stupidity and unethical. For life isn’t a mathematical equation where there is an solution to that, nor it is a piece of cake that can be eaten, it is rather a very phenomenal and hierarchy of individual inter relation and reactions where certain things are never accounted and never acknowledge.

For me I think life is a journey where everyone is the passenger and the fate is the driver, where different people are dropped at different stations. It is a journey where people are always compelled to prove themselves with uncertain eventualities and consequences, not just as a self satisfaction but as a responsibility not condemn but important, for one's well-being and others. On the other hand success has been world wide hunted; people are trying to be the best and of course in this present particular juncture everyone has to be capable with all the attributes.

While so running after success isn’t undemanding job or a happy journey. Some crawl in the dark and some fight in the rain of shadows but very few tends to see the light at the end of tunnels and that proves to be the man who is determined and looked upon. But is success really that one out of all? Is there more paramount than success, is it worth of living for success? Well everyone must have something to be reasonable about this and bargain with own comprehension.

“Try not to be a man of success but try to become a man of value”, as Albert Einstein has rightly quoted. The true virtue and moral ethic is much greater than the success, we have almost forgot the real reason of life. We tend to deviate so much that we become someone undesired and nothing really matters whether you are a successful man or not but what really matters is our values and correct attributes along with humanity rather than vanity. Fame vaporizes, money goes with the wind, and all that is left is our character, which is the permanent and more of all I think is true verdict for mankind. More of I think a man of value is a man of real success, no bargaining about this because if one thinks right it’s obvious of good result.

When you wake up you hardly remember the dream you saw last night and some wonder whole day trying to figure it out, life is just like a dream. So we got to make something worth while in short stay in this world and we should stop dreaming about some magical rose garden over the horizon, instead we should enjoy the roses that are blooming outside our windows.


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