Sunday, October 16, 2011


As the rain from the heaven falls gently on my cheek, my heart mystifies into the love and care of you. The warmth of my body cherishes my soul emitting a hope to face the eventual world around us, and reminded me that you are still breathing with me.

Nothing really matter when I put you in front, happiness was always a part with you. Things really seem strange with much unknown objections, still not yet clear and digesting but with you by my side, spell broke and everything seemed normal.

Though the calendar on the wall is different, nothing really changed, just the rain falls from my eyes now.

Never asked for the help but you were always behind me to support me, beside me to walk with me as I face the world, and in front me to lead me to the right path. Now! Who is there to laugh with as a friend and confide into.

You helped me framed my life and I can’t even thank you, you are gone so far away from me into unreachable dimension. That night I was restless, my heart was cryptically worried and took no time to break the silence. I picked up the phone which I wished I had never picked and heard about the misery. My heart shattered into pieces, it was raining that night (it had to be, in order to create the gloomiest atmosphere ever), shattered with dismay, and my heart crawled onto the broken glass leaving it in total disgust.

I still hear your whisper when the gentle breeze of night blows against my face, whistling the melodies of yours, and my heart ease with delight. Yet the distance, yet no difference, my heart is ever green for you and I know, so was yours.  

Life seems to promise eventualities that prove to be unjust and we are amidst by it. Swallowing the truth of life-  I still believe angels do come in our life.