Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I lay here under the sky with no star to twinkle,
Stray thoughts flowed with no say of meaning.
I still gazed but the sky didn’t wrinkle,
And my eyes were left hours in its yearning.

 I wonder where you went that night,
At least you could have said me goodbye.
With you not here it wither my delight,
My heart shivers, as you left me to cry.

Often, I said words you may never hear,
Will now remain as a secret for it is banished,
But I will wait here with reasons to bear,
Come soon, as I long for answers to be unleashed.

Strange I feel you chose this way,
Strange I feel you forgot all the happy days,
Feel that the guilt is in me so I lay,
Drenched in tears in the sea of dismay

Pour me some sweet mercy for I am thirsty,
Wounded deep inside, I sigh for medication,
For I am imbalance so is my soul drifty,
And there lays my body left with no emotion.

Often I shout your name in my dreams,
Often have to stay awake in pain
Used to laugh but now I scream,
Only making my emotions maim.

My soul sore as the heart beat is ceased,
Wondered for your eye to share a tear,
For the last time, hold me please!
But lay my numb body with no earth to bear.

My soul feels the warmth as the wind blew,
Looked back at my body with final goodbye,
With the clouds I sailed, with the birds I flew,
But still see no sign of the star in the sky.  

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