Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blessed to meet the Royal Couple

Many of us were very upset that we couldn’t be a part of the royal wedding, never knew that god will listen to this yearning heart but he did listen to the prayers and we got lucky yesterday (26th Oct. 2011). The royal couple is in Delhi and will be leaving to Rajasthan in few days but in mean time they granted us an audience. I am very much sure that the entire Bhutanese student studying in Delhi must have been on the top of the world when they heard this exciting news.

Well after being aware of the happening news, preparation was already begun among ourselves. Everyone was excited and filled with enthusiasm, and of course who wouldn’t be? It is the most precious life time opportunity.

Everyone dressed in formals as to pay homage and be as presentable as possible. Our excitement reached its peak we just couldn’t wait so we left for embassy very early and I was very much pleased to see many Bhutanese gathered there. Everyone was talking about the royal couple and how excited they were, with the smile and joy in their faces, showing their excitement. Even the birds were flocking around out of excitement and singing in joy.

As our eagerness met with the royal couple, flowers bloomed in my heart thinking how lucky and blessed we are. His Majesty introduced the queen with a kiss assuring a complete love and adoration, and we were very privileged to see this magical moment. It was completely out of this world, and no words can describe the feeling. Seen many but never seen like them, and they are the jewels that glitters brighter than anything. They are the best couple ever in this world, “the kind and the beauty”.

Everybody were feeling nervous and were in deep awe as King started to address us, I was having butterflies in my stomach too but our benign King made the scenario very cozy and comfortable, and after all he is people’s King. He gave us the precious advice amending us the importance of values, skills, wisdom, and experience and made us remember what we are and the purpose of being in India. All in all he summed up his golden words with a statement,” Please remember that you all are Bhutanese studying in India, you are representing Bhutan”. Everyone was moved with this statement, and very much true we are indeed a glimpse of our nation.

It was one of the awesome days in my life, never thought that we will get this kind of opportunity, I am sure I must have done something good in my previous life that I was blessed yesterday. We promise to be best we can and serve in future with utmost loyalty and be abided by the Driglam Namzha.



  1. Wow man.. Its so nice to see you so happy, blessed and most of all proud of having chance to meet with them. This feeling of being proud is what we need in our heart for our respective leaders, and so do we need leaders like your King which keeps that faith and assurance in his people for their future.
    Wish you all good luck with your future...

  2. i think one shud give respect be it lower rank or higher rank, leaders shud be very vigilant and kind and capable with all the attributes,,in case of your country it is a different situation you know wat i mean, but one thing is there,,they shud be good to people without giving pseudo promises or take advantage of innocent people,,,,thanks