Friday, November 11, 2011

Wishes from my heart....


In this very auspicious day let us gather our souls and join our both hands making one and pray for our vigilant and kind hearted, Druk Gyalpo  Jigme Singye Wangchuck  very prosperous and long life and make this unique date(11-11-11) a memorable one.

At the age of 17, His Majesty shouldered the fragile country,
Under him the sun shined with never diminishing light,
Of peace and developments with secured boundary,
And we stand here with immense gratitude and delight.

A true hero bounded by empowering personality,
Great is his deeds and kind is the heart,
Brought the country into evergreen serenity,
And our love and our gratitude shall never be in dearth.
Keen my mind I lay my soul,
Under your undying humbleness and guidance,
I pray with my heart for peace to dwell your soul,
With great health and happiness to embrace,

We wish your Majesty prosperous long life,
With utmost joy and loyalty,
We seek to remain your subjects for all coming lives,
In the country cherished with sustainable tranquility.

Cheerful my heart, beats with immense energy,
As the happiness overwhelms every heart of the nation,
On this auspicious day I salute with integrity,
And pray for the peace to prevail for generations.



  1. What a beautiful song in praise of His majesty.
    Happy BirthDay, And Long Live His Majesty the Fourth DrukGyalpo.