Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All left is memories....a part from my amatuer rap song...

You can see my face, as I can see yours
Girl come to me and we could talk for hours
Be the world that will never change
Be beside me as my life needs rearrange
We can do things that we never did
Let’s spend our life doing crazy shits
Fly above and kiss the blue sky
Lets never see back past and say goodbye
Lift the spirit as we walk together
We can swim the ocean and stay young forever
You be the one for me and i can be yours
Girl wait for me so that i can give you flowers
Face the world together, happy place together
Living in dreams which is much better
I will say goodbye never ever forever
And I will always love forever and ever and ever
I still remember the nights we often sing
With the memories I am here lying
Under the sky so wide and silent
Only the struggling heart left to repent
Now you are taken away from me
I pray to god just for glance to see
You’re smiling face in the happy place
Now I cherish remembering all those happy days………..