Sunday, November 6, 2011

A thing to Think upon

Being a human we all have our own personality, and way of seeing things. We are driven and shaped in kind of society we live in and how we are brought up and it also depends on the mentality we develop over the time through various phenomena. Yet we do have some artistic ability deep rooted in one’s mind of having our own notion about something be it small or big but still debatable because we tend to do it without really having a bigger picture or being familiar with it.

Human nature it is then we are implied to and are confronted as life goes on. It is something we don’t really tend to notice or our ignorance has shadowed it.

We may have often noticed among ourselves commenting or judging others without really knowing them closely. I too do sometimes and I feel it to be something I should do away and look under the surface also. Actually we all should do that. Even if somebody is refusing to accept the fact we should not jump to conclusion saying him or her to be false, rather we should understand them first and make them clear, helping them understand. In that way a harmony can be developed without any complications.

Giving a pseudo statements and promises is one of the worst acts against humanity, it can mislead a person wasting energy and most importantly time. We can only know the affect if we are the victim. It really does not matter what the degree the situation is but what really matter is what we are and impart in that particular time and space. Because once the trust is broken it is really hard to have the same intensity of faith and trust. “One who does not take small things seriously can’t be trusted in big things either”, as Albert Einstein has rightly quoted, so small things should not be ignored.

“The ugliness we see in others is the reflection of our own nature”, others just acts like a mirror where our true nature is reflected. When we tend to judge somebody or something we forget to appreciate them and land up of the notion which can be precarious for our morals if we move on like this.

Some may find it very funny, some may find weightless, some may even find it negligible, but one thing we should know that small things make bigger things and daily activities be it professional or social shapes us and our nature as a human being.

I think the charity should begin at home, if one wants to change the world; one should change himself/herself first.


  1. @bunu tamang thank you for supporting it....

  2. Hey Pema, Wow once again such a nice post. Its good to see that someone else too is having the same thoughts that I have. I am glad that you gave the word "Human Nature", to this thing of "making comments on others without really thinking, knowing the situation or without actually knowing that person." I too believed that everyone does that. But never thought that could be our Human Nature. We all at some point of our lives had done that, even I have wrongly commented or judged on someone without understanding the whole thing properly. I think it all happens spontaneously and unknowingly most of the times. And so rightly and truly you said " We can only know the affect if we are the victim." I totally agree to that. Nowadays I realized that I am the victim of my faculties pseudo statements or their comments which they throw on me without even listening to my side. Eventually I started hating them. But when I saw my work once again I found few mistakes of my own. But the thing was in the first place my faculty never listened to me properly, if they would have listened to them properly then they would have pointed out the real mistakes and not some thing which I didn't wanted to do. And again nicely said about changing ourselves before changing others. Totally agreed with you.
    Once again nice post and keep it up..:)

  3. you've spoken the truth brother...:)

  4. mr. black whatever faculties says, it is us who shud decide, and don't worry even if we listen to them it we wont fail tht easily, cos first thing is they are much more experienced and second thing is i dont think they will say anything wrong,,,what i think you shud do is listen to them plus add your own thoughts that will intake both ur design and faculties' suggestions...i may be wrong, this is just wat i feel, it is you who shud decide,,i know deciding is really hard but trust me you wont regret at lest of not trying ur own way...