Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trying to sing in pain...

Under the sun many sweats dropped,
A bit of conspiracy for a body thousand chopped,
Eyes drop to close for the yearn of nap,
Wicked from bitterness, still it tries filling the gap.

So many nights with the stars stayed awake,
Putting thoughts and effort into work,
Killing every ounce of energy in the body,
And the same song all night as a company,

Rolling and rushing over the huddles,
Trying to move forward, pushing harsh paddles,
Riding on a triangular wheel, writing with invisible ink,
Destiny seems glimmering at the brink,

Diligence seems bit sugarless indeed,
Demands every essence in need,
Punctual always on the top utter,
Then comes the bread and the butter,

Dwelling just as a toddling cocoon,
Soon to be hatched with adorable wings,
Abiding all the attributes with boon,
Ready to face the uncertain kinks,

But still then many stars need to explore,
Still many wounds to be sore,
Winding in the circle of toils,
But shall harmonize with hoping rejoice,

Many things left unturned,
Still despair should remain out of mind,
Should feel free without any angst,
But allied with a sense of responsibility,

World can slow down or it can hop,
But time shall never gesture to stop,
What we have now will not be rewarded again,
But still we will try to sing in the pain.


  1. Life is never a bed of roses, and the task we need to do are never a piece of cake, there are ups, there are downs, so its nice we always try to sing the songs of hope, even during the times of despair.
    Nice write up, beautiful poetry. keep posting. :)

  2. thanks,,,ya life really is rose with thorns..

  3. Hey nice work... I really appreciated it but here are some things which I want to say.. first thing is that the whole poem is nice but there is something which is missing. I don't know what exactly is missing cause its little hard to explain.. like I didn't understood the meaning of first line, is it sweets or is it supposed to be sweat? Also the poem is looking more compacted and linear, the emotions and feeling are just travelling in the same line and tone rather than spreading out and having turns. Or may be I dint understood its meaning. I will go through it again and again so that I will get it thoroughly. Apart from that.. Good work.. and keep it up.. and we need more posts like this to keep coming from you. they are not only good to read but also inspiring me more to start a blog of my own..hehe..:)
    Good work.

  4. thank you @black for your true comment and feedback,,and you are right it was actually sweat instead of sweet, my bad....and surely as you said i will try to come up with much more diverse emotions and feelings than linear....